"QUALITY IS EVERYTHING" We make the world's finest vanilla extract. Old American Brand is not just any vanilla extract, it is premium, pure, unfiltered vanilla extract. It has a 100% clean ingredient list with only 2 ingredients! Have you looked at the ingredient list on that bottle of vanilla extract in your pantry? Take the two ingredient challenge and check your label to see if it compares to Old American Brand Vanilla Extract. Our vanilla is so exquisite because we only use the finest Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans. We harvest the vanilla seeds and use them in the extract so you get the total bean. As always we leave a portion of the bean in every bottle!


Different alcohols create different flavor profiles, Old American Brand offers three of the most popular flavors.


Government standards require that for vanilla extract to be advertised as pure it has to be made with at least 70 proof alcohol. The vanilla bean flavor extracts only to alcohol so the higher the proof the better the vanilla extract. That's why Old American Brand (a Farmer's Daughter Company) only uses 100 proof alcohol. 99% of vanilla on the market today is only made with 70 proof alcohol or lower.


Vanilla extracted with 100 proof white rum makes a sweet vanilla extract due to being distilled with pure sugar cane. It has a smooth/mellow undertone. Old American Brand White Rum Vanilla Extract is perfect for desserts, ice cream & pastries. It's an Old American Brand favorite. Organic Madagascar vanilla beans are superior in flavor and the white rum is a perfect partner for this vanilla extract as it creates a sweeter, richer, more flavorful extract.

It can be used in whipped cream served with summer berries or winter desserts like bread pudding, rum cake or pumpkin pie. It's so versatile!

 One try and you'll become a lifelong customer. 2. fl oz bottle


Vanilla extracted with 100 proof Vodka makes a sweet and fragrant vanilla extract, and is likely the flavor profile that you are most familiar with. Because vodka is tasteless and odorless it allows the full flavor of the vanilla bean to come through in every use, from cookies, and cakes to delicious frosting you are sure to enjoy this vanilla extract.  

One try and you'll become a lifelong customer. 2. fl oz bottle


Vanilla extracted with 100 proof Kentucky Bourbon creates a slightly smoky sweet flavor. Bourbon is not as sweet as White Rum but it is more versatile for use in both sweet and savory dishes. We only use 100 proof Kentucky Bourbon to make our extract. Quality is Everything!


You would think that Bourbon Vanilla Extract is obviously made from bourbon liquor, but that is not always the case. Other vanilla extract manufacturers who advertise Bourbon Vanilla Extract  only contain extract made from Madagascar vanilla beans, specifically from the island of Réunion, which was once called Ile Bourbon. Therefore, modern-day bourbon vanilla can be made with any alcohol, as long as it is also made with Madagascar vanilla beans. At Old American Brand we only use Kentucky bourbon as our extracting agent, along with organic Madagascar vanilla beans. So I guess you could say it’s Double Bourbon Vanilla. Our Bourbon Vanilla is the real deal and not a play on words. 

 One try and you'll become a lifelong customer. 2. fl oz bottle

Our Prices

100 proof Rum Pure Vanilla Extract 2 oz. glass no leak amber bottle - $12.00                   
100 proof Vodka Pure Vanilla Extract 2 oz. glass no leak amber bottle- $10.00                                                         
100 proof Bonded Kentuky Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract 2 oz. glass no leak amber bottle- $15.00




All bottles are heat shrink safety sealed for quality and protection. Each bottle also has a leakproof cone seal inside the cap.





"Bean in the Bottle"